Media: Do Not Display Badges During Inauguration


That’s the word from The Salem Radio Network which announced its coverage for Joe Biden’s January 20th Inauguration. Salem says credentialed reporters like SRN’s U.S. Senate correspondent Bob Agnew have been advised to avoid displaying their media lanyards. But that’s not all.

The Salem press release also says that the media should “be prepared for hazards such as pepper spray, tear gas, impact projectiles and water cannon that could be used by law enforcement responding to unruly crowds.

15,000 National Guard troops are patrolling the Capitol with 5,000 more expected this weekend. The entire National Mall will be closed, metrolines will be shot down and buses will be rerouted.

The security lock down follows the assault on the Capitol last week and threats of more violence around the country.

The Salem Radio Network will have live wall-to-wall coverage will begin at 11:30 AM, ET until the Inauguration events conclude.


  1. C’mon people, quit applying your, “one size fits all,” one-dimensional thinking. What you said may be true of liberal media … but Salem Communications is a conservative network. So not only could they experience what leftist media may experience, but leftist agitators may target Salem media as well.

    • Yes, to clarify my comment, below: I am not including Salem in my condemnation of the majority of the media out there. Salem is conservative, and I enjoy listening to their common sense, pro-Constitution, anti-‘cancel’ hosts.

    • When the president says the media is the enemy of the people, he means ALL media. That includes Salem. Reporters who covered the Lafayette Square protest this summer were tear gassed by National Guard too. Reporters who covered the George Floyd protests this summer were shot with rubber bullets. Last week I saw a Fox News reporter harassed by a trump supporter. This is just like Noriega’s Panama where reporters are targeted. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you report.

    • “Leftists” did not attack the U.S. Capital building. The right should be embarrassed right now. They have lost control of lunatic, mostly Evangelical right wing extremists who are determined to impose their will, even if it means violence and an attempted coup on our democracy. Anything goes with right wing fanatics… they are extremely dangerous and the Republican Party should disavow them. By the way, Salem Radio has a lot of right wing whackos, who are racist, show contempt for the poor and those in need, and intolerant of those who do not march in lockstep to their tenets.

    • Indeed. Most of the so-called mainstream media, all last summer, kept referring to the BLM and Antifa rioting/looting/assaulting/killing as “mostly peaceful protest”…but anything even remotely linked to President Trump as not peaceful, as “inciting insurrection”, etc., etc.

      And, now, as you indicate, the media are somehow “victims” of “the right-wing”, they say.

      Most of the media are professional journalists? Hardly.

      • You are spot on, the double standards of this poisonous media are disgusting at best. I was speaking to associates about this and always look to big picture- which I hope is from this will emerge a new, stronger network of conservative based journalists as way to counter this “state” run media.

      • The media got attacked and beaten during BLM protests too. Although they were usually beaten and attacked by police. One reporter was even shot by the police. As for the capitol attack, the rioters beat up all reporters, including Fox News. The president says all media is the enemy of the people, and he includes Fox News in his attack. BTW any media that supports and promotes the president is by definition “state run media.”

          • Absolutely I have links. You can search yourself for Fox News attacked by capitol rioters and you’ll see the video. If you search for MSNBC reporter shot by police you’ll see the video of Ali Velshi shot by police at BLM protest in Minneapolis. This entire thing has been broadcast live on TV. Open your eyes.

          • Of course, ‘BigA’ mischaracterizes and dramatizes some things, in a misleading way.

            Velshi was hit by a rubber bullet, given his proximity to destructive rioters. A rational journalist would know better than to ensconce him or herself amongst lawbreaking rioters. In such cases, it is not unreasonable that police may have to resort to less-than-lethal measures to disperse and/or subdue mob rioters.

            Ditto for a FOX or any other reporter placing him or herself near violent or agitated mobs. It’s one of the dangers of the job if a reporter *chooses* to be near the melee.

            So, why all the hyperbole and exaggeration, ‘BigA’?

          • “It’s one of the dangers of the job if a reporter *chooses* to be near the melee.”

            Exactly. That’s why this article advises the media to hide their badges. They could get shot or attacked. No one’s asking for sympathy.

            Believe whatever you want to believe. I’m not here to change your mind. I’m just expressing my freedom of speech. Anything wrong with that?

          • “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” — Daniel Patrick Moynihan

          • Big A/ Bigger A…fake names same guy, fake career…at least we know what A stands for.

            Again, post the links. Open YOUR eyes.

          • This site doesn’t allow posting of links. Don’t you have a search engine? The video is right there for you to see.


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