ALT 98.7 Sets New Line-Up


ALT 98.7 (WDZH-FM), Detroit is kicking off a new line-up January 18. The line-up is filled with hosts in the Entercom Alt stable.

“When we launched ALT 98.7 a couple of months ago, we committed to providing the listeners of Detroit a new home for today’s top hits in alternative music, and today, we’re thrilled to announce the station’s inaugural on-air lineup,” said Debbie Kenyon, SVP/MM  Entercom Detroit. “This collection of talented personalities from our leading alternative brands nationwide will deliver an energetic slate of programming, no matter what time of day our audience is listening.”

The hosts include: Cane and Corey, Brady, Kevan Kenney and Bryce. The station, previously known as 98.7 The Breeze, launched in November 2020.


  1. “Listeners want local hosts”

    That’s what I hear, but in Detroit, one of the highest rated morning shows is hosted by Steve Harvey, who is not a local host. You don’t like commercials, but commercials are the only source of revenue for radio stations. You can’t pay local staff if you can’t air commercials. Unless you ask listeners to give their personal information, including credit card numbers.

  2. In other words, Entercom is going to wreck this new-rocker, too, with its ‘Alt stable’.

    Listeners want local hosts, not the ‘lowest common denominator’ national hosts who do not care about individual markets. Here in the DFW market, I was a huge fan of Alt 103.7…until Entercom went with the ‘Alt stable’ and made the station boring and very obviously formulaic.

    Entercom also instituted a new ‘2-minute’ commercial policy that limited stop sets to that number of minutes. The problem is, Entercom made up for shortened stop sets by greatly increasing the number of stop sets per hour. The station would play two, maybe three songs, and then it would be time for yet another stop set…over and over and over.

    No thanks, Entercom. For me, I have gone elsewhere for my ‘Alt’ fix. Maybe you’ll learn…maybe.


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