Mancow: There’s No Joy in Radio Anymore


That’s the reason the WLS-AM Chicago morning show host gave Robert Feder for exiting the station. Muller’s last day will be one week from today. His 2-year contract expires at the end of the year. GM Marv Nyron says the station has narrowed down his replacement to three people.

Here’s how Mancow explained it to Feder: “Much of the enjoyment I had left doing radio has been sucked out of it. Alone in an office building with no guests and endless rules is not my idea of a creative process. . . . For me, no interaction has been the radio kiss of death. Talking during this political season and hearing endless tales of woe from my listeners has been radio without joy.”

Muller has worked in Chicago for nearly three decades. In addition to this run on WLS, he’s also hosted mornings on the former WRCX. He’s also worked at Q101, WLS, The Loop and Talk Radio Network.

Muller claims he has offers already coming in from other stations and is also considering podcasting. He also claims local politicians are pushing him to run for office.


  1. Mancow is a gem and and a radio powerhouse and will be missed, I didn’t agree with everything but he made radio fun a lot of his time and that’s rare

  2. There’s lots of joy in radio. There’s no joy in conservative talk radio because everyone is angry. If Mancow spent some time looking at other things in life besides politics, he’d be a much happier guy.

  3. If they are paying him through the end of the year it means that he probably didn’t really quit as if you voluntarily walk away it voids your contract, i.e. all the bum coaches the Bears still had to pay after giving them the axe. Maybe all the “Pizza Parlor Pedophile Rings” talk didn’t exactly endear him to the sponsors, then again all those snake oil pills don’t really care too much whose on air. Seriously, haven’t people figured out yet the “Human Trafficking” thing is all a big hoax by Evangelicals and NGOs? No different as the “Satanic Panic” thing in the 80s now widely acknowledged to be a delusion. In 20 years people will laugh that some folks seriously believed this canard. And yes it is all a hoax, mostly Xenophobic, those women coming here know what they are going into, and they were ALL prostitutes in their home country as well. And no pedophiles don’t have a secret handshake to get into a “Pizza Parlor” we had a real one at work who got picked up by the cops and the way they operate is they look for a kid with a vulnerable unwed parent. He hung around the trailer parks in Mattoon, and found a druggie women with a kid he fancied and started up a “relationship” with the mother to get access to the kid, they paid her bills and babysat the kid while this absentee mother spent all her time out with her druggie friends partying. That’s reality, not Pizzagate X-Files nonsense.

  4. He’s spot on!
    It’s the same re-treads getting hired (for half the pay), going back to their same old bag of in-effective tricks.
    Radio isn’t a culture. It’s a delivery platform, that’s it. So, all of those selfie’s with your feet up on the console and tagging #radiolife , just tells client’s and audience that you’re lazy, while the software plays music. Doing an 8 second break, telling people to go to the website isn’t entertainment, it’s useless noise. Zero value!
    Imagine if Joe Rogan “Stayed Focused” and “On point”…. it would be terribly boring. Rogan and his podcast have more captive audience than any terrestrial show in America… WHY? Because he doesn’t do anything that a terrestrial radio show does…. Look where all of these “talent coaches” and PD’s have gotten the industry. Stop listening to the same voices, saying the same things, while you continue to lose ground. It’s so obvious. This industry had it’s opportunity, but “fear of change” won the battle.


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