Twitter Locks Out Second Salem Host


On Sunday afternoon SRN’s Charlie Kirk received official word from Twitter that his account had been “locked” because of questions he raised about mail-in balloting. Sebastian Gorka’s account was “locked” last Thursday after Gorka raised questions about Joe Biden’s ties to Eastern European financial deals his son Hunter had arranged, as reported in the New York Post.

Tom Tradup, V.P./News & Talk Programming for SRN said, “these latest attempts to muzzle SRN hosts “have our call-in lines ringing so hard they’re practically levitating.”  Tradup adds: “Charlie Kirk and Sebastian Gorka are in good company since Twitter also locked President Trump’s official campaign account last week. But these attempts by Big Tech to muzzle the free and open exchange of ideas and opinions two weeks before the election are what has prompted the U.S. Senate to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey this week to explain why he apparently feels it is okay to keep vital information from the American people.”



  1. The Democrats will tell you how inclusive they are…except when it comes to opinions. The truth hurts too much.
    We must tow the line or else! What a bunch of mindless, gutless children. Go hide in your safe space !

  2. You can post all kinds of crazy stuff on Twitter. The earth is flat. 5G causes COVID 19. Victoria Secret is tracking women to be sold as sex slaves with RFID tags. All OK. You can’t comment on Hunter Biden’s alleged hard drive because Twitter says they don’t allow hacked material. If the NYT really has President Trump’s tax returns, they were criminally obtained, but the “policy” doesn’t apply there, or to any other allegation that is negative about the current administration. The hypocrisy of the media is astounding.

    The bottom line is that you can say almost anything you like as long as it does not conflict with the agenda of the Silicon Valley intelligentsia.

  3. Having been on both sides of the political spectrum, I strongly feel banning free speech is unconstitutional and objectionable. We need to be able to make our own decisions using free exchanges of ideas no matter what side they represent. This is the American way, or at least it was. Bring back free speech…..

    • This is exactly right Gail. It isn’t a partisan issue. Both parties SHOULD be against censorship.

      Even if one side believes the censorship benefits them right now;

      A. It won’t always;
      B. It creates martyrs and often has the opposite of the intended effect.

      You are exactly right.

  4. Dorsey and Zuckerberg have managed to anger both sides of the political spectrum. They have been the beneficiaries of the 230 rule and made fortunes by flying under the radar until recently when they began making content decisions. Now they have attracted the attention of politicians which, as everyone in Broadcasting knows, is not smart. Regulation is coming, and Radio folks better hope we can avoid the fallout.

  5. Seeding doubt about legitimate votes is not “keeping information” from the American people. Kirk is an embarrassment to all broadcasters.

    • I am not commenting on the content of their speech. But I remember a day not so long ago when we used to say that “I might disapprove of what you say, but I would fight for your right to say it!”

      This is as bold of a limitation of free speech as I have ever seen in my lifetime. Yes, I am aware the First Amendment doesn’t protect tweets. At least not directly. But our Country has been based on Free Speech more than any other country ever before.

      The CORRECT answer to speech that you disapprove of is to offer rebuttal or to reply with truth. Not to muzzle the speech.

      Muzzling the speech creates martyrs of the speakers, and it creates the belief that the other side has something to hide or is fearful of an open discussion.

      Broadcasters in particular have a strong interest in fighting for free speech.

      It is INCREDIBLY naive to assume that you will always be on the side of the people muzzling free speech. You won’t. One day they will decide that something you consider sacred, holy, true or imperative is no longer “true” or that you cannot even ASK QUESTIONS about it.


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