BIN Syndicates News Service


Black Information Network News is now available as a syndicated service. The launch put the service on nearly 20 stations nationwide.

The Network New Service features :60 newscasts at the top and bottom of the hour as well as breaking news. The Black Information Network itself premiered in June nationwide.

“We’re excited to offer this news service from a Black point of view at a time when credible news and information is more important than ever,” said Julie Talbott, President of Premiere Networks. “Black Information Network News expands on our commitment to deliver industry-leading news coverage, and we hope it helps bridge the divide in our nation by increasing communication and understanding.”

The stations airing the syndicated service at launch time included: WVON-AM/Chicago; KMAZ-FM/Houston; KMOJ-FM/Minneapolis; WCCG-FM/Fayetteville; KJMG-FM/Monroe, LA; WJTT-FM/Chattanooga; WMPZ-FM/Chattanooga; WXAG-X1/Athens; WJMP-X1/Knoxville; KJMP-X1/Ft. Collins, CO; WPLB-X1/Plattsburgh, NY/Burlington, VT; KWBT-FM/Waco; WGOV-FM/Valdosta; WKTT-FM/Salisbury; KBZE-FM/Morgan City; KFXZ-FM/Lafayette and WGNL-FM/Greenwood.


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