How Much Money Do Radio Sellers Make?


With the challenges that broadcasters are facing regarding employment and management of staff, remaining engaged while working remotely, this year’s Survey includes specific questions about how COVID-19 is impacting sales teams at stations across America.

Last year, we received a large number of responses from a broad cross-section of markets and groups, giving us a baseline for comparison and also allow us to gauge the impact of the pandemic on radio seller attitudes and characteristics. We’ve also conducted television and newspaper studies, which will provide insights into competitive local media compensation practices.

To participate in the 2020 Radio Sales Comp Study, please click here. All survey participants will remain confidential and receive an advance copy of the Study, which will be released in mid-September. In addition, all participants are eligible to win an annual license for full access to Media Staffing Network’s Local Sales Recruitment Talent Acquisition Online Learning Center, a value of $399.

Last year’s studies for both radio and TV are available on the MSN website.

We urge everyone in ownership, management, and sales to take the 2020 Radio Sales Comp Study


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