URadio Says It Promotes Democracy Not Communism


Senator Ted Cruz called the owners of URadio a puppet of the Chinese Government. Earlier this week the FCC ordered the station to shut down after discovering problems with their application. The station posted a message on their website saying it has been following all U.S. laws.

On its website URadio states it was founded in 2018 in the US under the supervision of FCC and has been complying with all applicable US laws. “Our mission is to serve the Chinese community in the greater Los Angeles area by providing information and assisting US government in promoting public policies in the US that is important to our community’s welfare.”

The post says the station was built on professional standards and has created multiple jobs in the minority community. “With the goal to promote the universal value of open, democracy and freedom, we recruit our team members from all kinds of background including people from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to provide diverse and objective views.”

And the station has invited everyone to tune into the station to “eliminate distortions and bias toward us. We are certain that our contents withstand public and regulatory reviews.”

On Monday, The FCC gave the station 48 hours to stop broadcasting. The FCC’s International Bureau dismissed the application to deliver Mandarin Chinese programming from a studio located in Irwindale, California to XEWW-AM in Mexico for rebroadcast back into the U.S. The application was dismissed because the parties failed to include in their application a key participant, Phoenix Radio, which produces the Mandarin programming in its studio.


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