Focus 360 Partners With GroundSwell Group


The partnership between the two companies is aimed at bringing together brands with non-profit organizations that are helping fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The “Mutual Benefit Impact Marketing Initiative,” network targets the audience of a brand. The brand’s cause marketing message is delivered through non-profit social media feeds, paid social and amplified with Focus 360’s Jelli Plus radio network and Lipstick and Vinyl podcasts.

“We built a platform (The Karma Index) that directs funds to support those in need,” explained Noel Wax, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of the Groundswell Group. “What we didn’t realize, is that this technology is ideal for helping Americans at a time like this. This plan will change the dialogue about what a brand is doing to help during this global pandemic. While we are quarantined at home, radio, podcasts, and social media are where Americans are turning to for information and connection.”


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