Digitization Archive Professional – Wichita, KS


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KMUW, NPR for Wichita is hiring a Digitization Archive Professional to preserve public broadcasting material from Kansas. This two-year position will manage and execute the collection and organization of public broadcasting materials, including metadata descriptions, from seven stations across Kansas following the preservation process of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The position will research content to develop an archive from the 1950s to present day that represents the state’s history and culture in audio and video recordings. The 3000-5000 tapes will require cataloguing an inventory for transfer to a digitization vendor. This position will manage the vendor relationship, as well as relationships with other stations and historians involved in the Kansas Public Media Digitization Project. Once digitized, this large inventory will be available online through AAPB and at the Library of Congress. Application deadline: March 4, 2020



For assistance with the application process contact:

Wichita State University's Office of Human Resources

[email protected]

(316) 978-3065


KMUW-FM, 121 N Mead St Ste 200
Wichita, KS, United States