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There ARE advantages to small market radio. We are a mom & pop company in Elko, Nevada with big markets in our background. Here, you will not find a battery of white-lipped-know-nothing-MBA-holding executives to ruin your life and trample your creative expression. (Okay, I do have an MBA, but I also have 50 years in real radio). What I mean is, no corporate BS. The board of Directors comes to work every day with sleeves rolled up to work side-by-side with you. We present a very professional sound. No tradio, no block programming. All six of our stations sound like winners, and most of them do win. Some disadvantages, too: You have to carry your share of the load, because everyone knows when you're goldbricking. And we just can't pay you the kind of money you made in the Big Time. Still interested? Please send an aircheck & resume to PD Tom Chase. (Tom kept a big market station #1 for 22 years, then the corporate BS took him out. He's been here for 6 years, and I'm pretty sure he thinks its better). Formats: Hot AC, Country, Newstalk, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Classic Country.


Reach Tom Chase at [email protected]


1750 Manzanita
Elko, NV, United States