Duckie Massey – Broadcast Talent – San Antonio, TX


Duckie Massey
[email protected]
San Antonio, TX

Able to relocate? No



Born in Germany but raised in several other countries while traveling the world with my parents. As an adult, I came to the United States on my own for a holiday and never returned to England. I chose Texas and more specifically San Antonio as my home. I am British by heritage, American by choice and a Texan by adoption.

Prior to my current job in hotel hospitality, most of my career has been in radio broadcasting. In San Antonio with KITE Radio, KBUC Radio and KONO Radio. In Ft. Worth with KXOL Radio where Promotions was the word that lived LOUD and CLEAR. My involvement in on-air promotion events included, trying out for the Dallas Cowboys as a catcher for extra points. Needless to say, I didn’t make the cut. On another occasion at a Car Dealership lot, I was submerged in a small red submarine, in an upright swimming pool for one week. While in the Submarine, SURPRISE repossession beat me to clearing the lot.

During my years in radio, I mastered a variety of skills including, Operating control boards for studios and remote programming. Regulated program timing, operated syndicated programming, and played commercials. Supported off-air commercial production, dubbing music and programming automation computers. Executed playlists for server, tape, or simulcast programming. Monitored and updated weather, traffic and news reports into automation equipment. Monitored the technical quality and accuracy of incoming and outgoing on-air programming from the master control room. Censored live programs and deleted words/phrases that were not permitted on the air. Screened in-coming phone calls and selectively choose callers for On-Air Talent and talk shows. I also worked in radio sales, television, the film industry and political/charitable fundraising events.

After becoming an American citizen in Houston, I earned my General Class FCC broadcast license and did the morning show for KIKK Radio to include, KRLY Radio and KULF Radio. I also sold advertisements to area businesses for Houston Monthly Magazine and designed and prepared print copy.

My proudest accomplishment happened in Laredo, Texas. I formed an organization called Citizens Helping All People Serve (C.H.A.P.S.) while I was working the midday shift for country station KLAR Radio. Our mission was to add air conditioning to Sacred Heart Children’s Home along with the church and nuns quarters. This was accomplished within a year, after many successful rodeos and lots of other fundraising events.