“Disgraceland” Looks At Tragic Concert


True crime podcast Disgraceland has released a new episode on Altamont — the historic and disastrous Rolling Stones concert that occurred on December 6, 1969 — during its 50th anniversay. Host Jake Brennan is in the midst of the fourth season of his podcast, which recently covered Eminem, Whitney Houston, and Led Zepplin among others.

“We are almost fifty years to the day removed from the Rolling Stones’ tragic concert at Altamont,” said Brennan. “That event happened in 1969, a few months after the Tate-LaBianca murders and the nation’s introduction to one of our most notorious serial killers, Charles Manson, an introduction that happened in part because of the Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson. Both events spelled doom for what we think of when we think about ‘the sixties’ and, given the fifty-year anniversary, seemed like fertile ground to mine for the close of season four of Disgraceland.”

Listen to Disgraceland on Altamont HERE.


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