“Fark & Schnitt” Have Fun With The News


Radio talent Todd Schnitt joins wingman and FARK.COM founder Drew Curtis for an entertaining, irreverent look at the news stories people may have missed. The Fark and Schnitt podcast blends entertaining content with polished production to bring the audience the famous and the forgettable in an engaging format.

The first episode was released Tuesday, September 10, and is available on all popular podcast platforms. New episodes will post every Tuesday morning. The Fark and Schnitt podcast can be easily accessed at FARK.com.

“The explosive growth of podcasts cannot be ignored and this delivery method will continue to grow exponentially. While I’ve been part of repurposing my radio shows for many years, Fark and Schnitt is all new, exclusive, quality content just for the podcast universe. Soon, I’ll be Adam Carolla’s golf caddy,” said Schnitt.

Drew brings his unique news view to the podcast. “Just reading the stories verbatim is low-hanging fruit — we’ll be throwing some extreme curveballs into the mix by making extensive use of Fark’s database of 10 million-plus weird news stories over the past 20 years.”


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