Home Depot Goes “Ad Wild”


The home improvement giant ran almost 100,000 ads on radio around the nation last week, according to Media Monitors. The exact figure was 97,699, which was more than enough to blow the opposition away and stay atop the chart. GEICO held onto second place but was almost doubled by their old rival, running a still-healthy 50,241 spots. Other advertisers in the top five included Lowe’s (44,328) which climbed two places, McDonald’s (39,419) up one, and Indeed (36,241) which dropped one. The big mover for the week was Walmart, which went from 25th to eighth.


  1. It would be cool to find out what kind of results ( increase in sales or as they say, return on investment ) for Home Depot, ,and company. As a person who listens to a few different radio stations around the United States, thanks to the echo dot, I hear a lot of these commercials. Obviously it must be working for them or they probably wouldn’t continue. Let’s hear a testimonial or two.


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