Report: Minihane Threatens Entercom With Lawsuit


After he couldn’t work out his differences with WEEI and Entercom in Boston several months ago, the company announced troubled sports host Kirk Minihane would be moving to where he would get his own daily podcast. Barrett Sports Media is reporting that Minihane is still fighting with Entercom, still has not received a deal from the company and is threatening to sue the company.

Minihane has openly admitted, while still on the air with WEEI, that he is, and has been, dealing with mental health issues. He mentions those issues again in a Periscope broadcast from a Barnes and Noble that Brandon Contes at BSM writes about.

Here were his demands as reported by BSM:

“I want the Kirk Minihane network on, where it’s my show, my podcast, other podcasts, other shows for 24 hours a day, that’s it.”

“You’ve got one month people, Entercom people, to make that happen, or I’m going to pursue things legally and leave.”

“I’m the best radio personality in America and I’m sitting around waiting and doing a podcast at Mix 104.1 when the public access show is over, we’re done doing that now. There will be no podcast, there will be no nothing until I get what I want, which is my own network on I don’t want to be on Sports, I don’t want to be on after Seth Payne, I don’t want to be on after all this stuff, I’m done.”

“I don’t want to be sitting on the bench, but I think they tried to bench me on purpose, I think they tried to silence me, I think we’re done doing that. I’m not just going to take a lot of money to sit around and be silenced, I actually bought their act for a while and I think given my mental health, given my situation especially this time of year where I am really struggling, I think its borderline shameful that they’ve acted this way.”

Read the full story from Brandon Contes HERE.


  1. Glad Kirk is gone. He did not play to my interests. Ignorant, egotistical and insulting person who should never have been on the radio. I hope for his family’s sake, and his own, he continues to seek help and I hope he stays on his meds.

  2. Can’t deny Minihane knows his stuff and I tuned in daily for years. The on-air product changed after co-host Dennis left the show, Minihane telling others to “Shut Up’ (ugh) so often that my habit was tune elsewhere anytime he uttered it a 2nd time. His business model is to show contempt, like any product it has a shelf life.

  3. He was terrible on WEEI, everyone one I knew stopped listening to the station because of him. He needs mental help.

  4. Minihane was, is, and always will be a dickhead. This psycho belongs in a rubber room not on the air. Go ahead and sue, you clown…you’ll get nothing but lawyer bills. Sooooooo glad he’s off Boston radio!

  5. So, I just read the other article mentioned. This Minihane guy posted via Periscope in a Barnes and Nobles to complain and state his demands? I’d love to be in Boston just so I could see this trainwreck.


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