On March 31, 1962—his own birthday—Cesar Chavez launched the farmworker movement with the National Farm Workers Association. He had a bold vision for a strong farmworkers’ union as well as services that would support that union by building communities up beyond the workplace. Cesar Chavez knew it would take an entire movement to empower his community to overcome the burdens of poverty, discrimination, and powerlessness.

He started by creating a death benefit, a credit union and a cooperative gas station. These early efforts quickly grew, and the National Farm Workers Service Center was introduced in 1966 to build affordable housing for the elderly and displaced Filipino-American farmworkers. Cesar Chavez also established two educational-style Spanish-language radio stations, which have now grown into 11 stations.

Today, the National Farm Workers Service Center has become the Cesar Chavez Foundation, which continues to expand on Cesar’s early work and vision to create a movement to improve the quality of life for Latinos and working people. Cesar Chavez’s vision was ambitious, and a half a century later, the lasting and ongoing effects of his work have transcended even his original aim.

The Cesar Chavez Foundation and Radio Campesina Network is seeking a full-time Producer to create daily show material for use on air and online; professional level audio for external, internal, via radio, the internet and other mobile platforms. A Producer creates content that will uplift and inspire our listeners and follower. Producer is able to work independently to conceptualize, write, and produce great ideas and audio; that communicates the mission and vision of Radio Campesina & On-Air Talent in an artistic way. The producers manage and works with Program Director, broadcasting assistants, on air talent, engineers and IT staff. They may also be responsible for the business and commercial management of a program. The Producer encompasses the skill set to mentor, teach and coach other members of the team.

Objectives of this Role

Build, lead, and review work of the programming team for quality content
Spearhead and manage content strategy for both small-scale and large-scale projects
Lead by example and proactively influence our culture by demonstrating a positive, energetic influence throughout the workforce. Consistently represent the organization with integrity through actions, words, and behavior that supports and aligns with our Mission and Values
As producer, complete full cycle of production projects to include originating creative ideas, project planning, copywriting, audio, (voicing and/or working with voice talent) an in some cases videos (independently and within teams depending on the scope of the project).
Generate and research ideas for programs; proactively stay current on target audience interest issues
Source potential contributors and interviewees;
Assist with the production and inventory of PSA’s
Produce pre-production briefings for presenters, reporters, technical staff and other contributors;
Manage the logistics of getting people, resources and equipment together to the right place at the right time;
Present programs or manage presenters for both pre-recorded and recorded output;
Check that copyrights are cleared and understand media law;
Conceptualize, write and produce professional quality multi-media content for Radio Campesina Broadcasting. Complete daily copywriting, audio production and if required video work, including, but not limited to conceptualizing. Voicing and assembling of audio & video pieces
Select music beds and music (if necessary) appropriate to the program, the audience and the station
Demonstrate and apply knowledge of Radio Campesina brands, specific sounds and style required to reach our listeners
Work closely with internal and external clients incorporating feedback and copy points to create audio/video that effectively communicates and connects to the target of Radio Campesina Broadcasting and its affiliates.
Ensure proactive and clear communication with clients on expectations, vision of projects, target audience, and desired outcomes
Complete audio/video production for Radio Campesina and promotions (examples: interviews and performances), station events for promotional and internal use.
Utilize Sound Forge recording/editing software for audio projects that includes expert use of multiple tracks, audio, automation and other professional features, techniques, and practices. Projects should contain “high production value,” continue to raise the bar, and show consistency in meeting department and network standards
Proactively stay current on audio trends, be on the forefront of what’s modern, and look for ways to creatively set a new industry standard (Learn, Improve and Grow)
Consistently deliver a high level of customer service
Perform other duties and assigned
MEASUREMENT OF SUCCESS: Ratings, staying true to our mission, quality sound control, refresh radio sound consistent, meeting deadlines, teamwork conducive to organizational culture, sales/product programming syndicate, innovative ideas to best compete
Skills and Qualifications

2 years of related experience of producer department
Understanding and experience creating integrated content across channels from radio, video, digital, social media
Proven experience with concept development
Skilled with leading a team of creative talent
Strong creative vision with an understanding of business objectives with sales department
Voice over experience
Degree in media or social studies
Prior experience with copywriting, design, or produce
Prior project management experience, with a focus on creative direction

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