Kate & Jessica’s Real Spanish Talk


Spanish-language radio continues to boom. The latest news is the launch of the weekly syndicated radio and podcast show Neteando with Kate and Jessica. Neteando means “real talk.” Actress Kate del Castillo is joined by television news personality Jessica Maldonado, every Thursday 1-2 p.m. PST on La Tricolor and Saturday’s 10-11 a.m. PST on Jose 97.5/107.1 FM/Los Angeles.

The show takes the form of a “tell it as it is” intimate conversation between best friends. The pair are established podcasters and this is their first taste of the radio world.

“With the launch of the Neteando radio show, Kate and Jessica will now be able to connect their podcast directly with our audience via radio,” said Nestor Rocha, VP of Audio Programming. “The voices of these strong and passionate women will inspire and engage our audience even more.”

The podcast will be released weekly, in addition to the Thursday and Saturday radio airings.

Visit http://www.neteandoshow.com, or Entravision’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more information and video of Kate and Jessica.


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