“iHeartRadio Presents” Features Interview With Paul McCartney


Anything new to do with the Beatles is big news. And a sit-down interview with Paul McCartney makes that cut for sure. The interview came out Tuesday, October 16, on the iHeartRadio Presents: Inside the Studio podcast, and was conducted by Joe Levy from Rolling Stone magazine. It focuses on McCartney’s new album Egypt Station, with the legendary performer also going deep into the history of the Beatles, and sharing personal stories from his half-century-plus career. 

You can access the podcast HERE.

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of quotes from the interview:

Working in the studio with The Beatles:

“We argued like families argue. I mean, in the early days it was always John and George arguing about who would have his amp the loudest. They’d agree, ‘Okay, look, now we’re gonna … you know, let’s put it at seven,’ okay, and they put it at seven, and then we’d be playing and you’d just see George kind of back towards his amp and go, ‘Nine?’ Then John’d notice, so he’d quietly sneak towards his amp, ‘Ten,’ you know.'”

Stories from The Beatles’ earliest days:

“I remember walking along the road with our guitars on our backs, me and John, just before we were famous. Writing letters to people, ‘Dear Sir, we are a rock combo and we would love to play at your place.’ All that sort of stuff. It’s kind of like magic for me.”




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