AnalyticOwl Launches NumericOwl


Broadcast attribution platform AnalyticOwl has launched NumericOwl, a predictive attribution benchmark tool. It’s hopeful this new tool will help advertisers and media companies predict response levels to commercials. It’s based on data and analysis collected by AnalyticOwl over the past three years. Townsquare will be one of the first companies to use the new tool.

“We’re excited to be one of the first media companies to utilize this incredible data set that has not existed in radio before today,” said Bill Wilson, Co-CEO of Townsquare Media. “This new tool allows us to leverage historical campaign performance to the benefit of existing clients as well as expand opportunities with potential partners across all industries.”

Erik Hellum, Chief Operating Officer – Local Media of Townsquare Media, added, “It is exciting that we can now leverage broadcast-specific data sets to show predictive benchmarks for advertisers across any industry, any market size, as attribution data continues to be a priority for both broadcasters and advertisers.”

Since launching, AnalyticOwl has accumulated data by tracking billions of website and search traffic responses to approximately 10 million commercials on a minute-by-minute basis for thousands of advertisers across key categories such as Automotive, Healthcare, Home Services, Financial Services, Legal and Retail. The resulting benchmarks help set advertiser expectations as to potential campaign response by market size, day, daypart, station and station format, and as a result, create a framework to evaluate budgets and return on investment. Importantly, if campaign performance is not in line with NumericOwl benchmarks, the AnalyticOwl dashboard will provide a roadmap for optimization to ensure increased response and engagement.


  1. Sounds like a great feature. I think the challenge will be to see how such analytic predictions can be married with the expertise of account reps who work with local advertisers directly. The personal, high-touch nature of selling radio seems like an important element to maintain.


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