Sheehan Back On In DC Via Podcast


Kevin Sheehan was part of the morning show on The Team 980 in Washington, DC, when Dan Gilbert owned the station. A few months ago the station was sold to Radio One and changes were made. Sheehan was one of the changes.

Jason Barrett reported Wednesday that Sheehan’s contract was not renewed by Radio One after two years and that Sheehan said it was to save money. “The new owner preferred a different type of operation that was much more focused on low costs. Their prerogative. It just didn’t work out for me and a few others, and there are no hard feelings at all.”

So here’s what Sheehan did. He launched The Kevin Sheehan Show last week as a weekday podcast. He tells Radio Ink it’s a show heavy on Redskins and DC sports but includes NBA, MLB, College football/basketball, and gambling talk. “The content isn’t that much different, the distribution is. I hope it works because the best part of doing daily long-form Sports Talk is the relationship you develop with your co-hosts, guests, and listeners. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t done it but there is an intimacy to it, especially when it’s done locally, that makes it a truly unique experience.”

The Monday-Friday daily show is available for download on multiple platforms including, I-Tunes, Apple Podcasts, Tune-In, Stitcher, and more.

Check it out HERE


  1. I’m curious why your logo has all major teams’ banner EXCEPT the Mystics!!! Why is that? Are they not a professional Washington DC team that was actually in the WNBA Finals this year??


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