Francesa Believes in The Power of Radio


That’s the title of an article written about the Sports Pope in The New York Times. The WFAN star, who recently returned after a very short retirement, tells the paper that what radio does more than any medium is allow you to really get close to your audience. “When you do TV, they acknowledge you, they nod their head. But when you do radio, they feel like they know everything about you. They feel like they’re your best friend — or maybe your worst enemy, if they don’t like you.”

Francesa, who stepped into the digital world recently by getting on Twitter and launching his own app, told the paper there are several reasons radio is still so powerful, and it has everything to do with the listeners. “They hear every emotion that you have. They hear the days you’re really happy, the days you’re really angry, the day you might be without a care in the world. But more than that, they can take you everywhere. They’re in the car with you — on the way to work, on the way home. They can take you with them when they’re lying there ready to go to sleep, when they get up in the morning, when they go to the beach, when they’re on the couch. When I’m talking, I think of myself talking to each person. I envision people on the highway. I envision people in their cars. I envision how people are listening. I envision a lot of them, but I envision them one at a time.”

Check out the article HERE.


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