Mason To Sports Stations: Jump On Board Now


Jason Barrett interviewed Dan Mason about his new gig with the gambling and information website VSiN. Barrett mentioned to Mason that The Score in Chicago recently signed on to partner with VSiN and that more radio stations are expected to come on board soon, especially now that the Supreme Court has given the green light for more states to allow sports gambling. Mason had some advice for other sports stations around the country.

“VSiN has a few different features which are exciting. They’ve got the action minutes which are voiced by Brent Musburger and focus on the betting action in each market involving each cities local teams. It’s a daily feature, and it’ll especially be important during football season, because the NFL drives everything. My advice to sports stations is to get on the bandwagon now because you get a marquee name like Brent, and customized features geared towards your market in a space that’s rapidly growing.”

As far as how to use the VSiN content, Mason gave Barrett an example. “A station might carry a game on their FM station, the HD1 side. Their HD2 channel though might be carrying a VSiN feed which features the gambling part of it. That allows the listener to flip back and forth to see what’s going on with the game, and what the conversation is on the gambling side. It can add a fresh new dimension to the entire event, which is very exciting.”

Mason signed on with VSiN as an advisor and investor. He continues as an advisor to iHeartRadio.

Check out Jason’s full interview with Mason HERE


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