Digital Program Director


Entercom Charlotte is looking for a Digital Program Director that directs the digital strategy & execution for WBT/WLNK/WFNZ. He/she will oversees the creation, execution and marketing of the digital sales content and promotions of all digital platforms- including but not limited  to all social media efforts, websites, text campaigns, email campaigns, internet radio streams, audio on demand, E-Commerce and apps. The digital Program Director will be responsible for making sure the programming user experience is positive by working with the Program Directors, Digital Content Managers and Promotion Directors. The Digital Program Director will be responsible for ensuring that all sales presentations include digital elements and will participate in sales and promotional planning sessions.

Responsibilities and duties include:

Using the tools offered by Entercom, this person will utilize Entercom Charlotte’s digital assets to grow ratings and revenue. Digital assets include, but are not limited to social media, website, E- Commerce, database, email, graphics, streaming inventory, apps, audio on demand, metrics and diagnostics to shape strategy.
Have familiarity and proficiency with monitoring and analytics platforms (both free and paid tools), web trends tracking and the ability to track activity to generate meaningful monthly metrics reports.
Have the ability to use analytics to coach and improve the use and engagement of the stations’ digital assets for both sales and programming.
Work closely with program directors, digital and promotions team to ensure the essence of each brand is reflected appropriately within each digital asset and follow the strategy per each format. Through digital audits, he/she will make sure the digital assets are working properly and that the stations are using best practices.
Work closely with sales managers to develop sellable campaigns and assets. Additionally, help create, execute and market unique digital marketing campaigns to benefit Entercom Charlotte clients.
Be proactive and be sure that the sales managers are award of all digital products available, how they work and the impact these products can have for both programming and sales.
Participate in all of Entercom’s digital webinars, training modules and digital communications to fully take advantage of the many tools and best practices available.
Entercom Charlotte is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Name: Matthew Hanlon
Company:: Entercom
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone:: (704) 374-3733
Title:: HR Manager
Address: 1 Julian Price Pl Charlotte, NC 28208 United States



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