Afternoon Drive


Afternoon Drive Opening at KSBJ in Houston

“Just be yourself and have fun – people LOVE to see other people having fun.” – Cousin Sue.

My wise cousin gave me some of the best advice I’ve probably ever been offered, and I try to live it out in as much of my life as possible. My name is Morgan and I am half of the afternoon drive show at KSBJ in Houston, Texas…I mean, right now I’m the only host but we’d like to add to the team!
I see my job (and yours too, if you want to come and work with me) as a chance to help people smile on their way home at the end of a long day. To remind them to breathe and cut themselves a little slack. We have the opportunity to do entertaining and meaningful radio in one of America’s largest cities, at a station with decades of beautiful history. Everything KSBJ does is done with purpose and intention, and the station is committed to sharing the hope of Jesus with the people of our community. Doing a show here is a lot of fun in a genuinely supportive atmosphere.

The afternoons are good right now, but I want the show to be better. I’d like to find someone to co-host with me and help step up the game in the afternoons. It’s important for me that we work together to make it a team show, this opening is not for someone to just come and add flavor, or back me up on the air and laugh at my lame jokes. It needs to be our show – not just mine.

If you’d like to apply, please go to


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