Two New Products Released From Grabien


International news-clipping service Grabien is releasing two new production tools. The tools provide a way for producers to clip the news in real time, as well as from a searchable archive of full-length news programming.

NewsMonitor lets you watch every major news events simultaneously — clipping them live as well. For example, on a single page an editor can tune into CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CSPAN, and then pop out any of these players and begin creating clips in real time. NewsBank, an archived recordings tool, provides immediate access to searchable, full-length news-programming with transcripts, lossless audio. Pulling an obscure clip from a speech three weeks ago can now be done in seconds.

CEO Tom Elliot said, “We want to put the power back in producers’ hands, and our new suite of production tools do exactly that. We’re trying to empower hosts and producers to do the impossible: enable their shows to keep up with the breakneck pace of today’s news cycles.”

The Grabien Platform is available exclusively through KMG Networks.
Ad sales representation is handled by Premiere Radio Networks.


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