iHeartRadio Hits 92 Million


That’s how many registered users the app now has, according to CFO Richard Bressler. Despite that big number and the planned January roll-out of two paid on-demand services on the app, Bressler says digital listening remains secondary to radio, making up only 10% of all audio listening, and that includes all the other streaming providers and iHeartRadio combined. His point — broadcast radio is still where the majority of listening is done. Bressler says there are 1 Billion radio’s in the United States, 93% of millenials listen to radio every week, iHeart reaches 269 million people every month. “The industry has never been in better shape, the opportunity for radio has never been better and radio remains the most undervalued medium out there.


  1. Registered users mean very little; it’s certainly not an accurate measure of actual listening. It’s a measure of how many people have touched the product– even once– since the beginning of time. Willfully or not, you’re ignoring the important metric: AAS. iHeart is DOWN there. Pandora is flat, and Spotify is up.


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