90 Million Registered Users For iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio President Darren Davis said of the milestone, “Radio continues to evolve — and so does iHeartRadio. We know our users want to listen to our broad range of content on the device of their choice — and we also know they want to enjoy amazing stories that have emerged from the recent podcast boom or hear their hometown DJ wherever they travel. For those reasons and more, people continue to embrace iHeartRadio, and it’s reflected in the continued rapid growth of our registered user base.”


  1. It’s not that they, and so many others (Neilsen PPM’s anyone?) are LYING. No – they’re just bull****ing.
    And that makes it okay – and it makes me naive, credulous and so easily tricked.

  2. I bought a Vizio flat screen TV which has iHeartRadio loaded as an app. Am I counted as one of those 90 million “registered users,” even if I never used the app? If that’s the case, are all Smart TVs loaded with iHeartRadio yet sitting as inventory included in the above number?

    Could this be like Sirius counting, as subscribers, cars parked in inventory lots of car dealers?

    Just saying: Be careful about trusting numbers handed to you without parameters.


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