NextRadio Expands Into Canada


NextRadio is now live in the Google Play store in Canada, allowing over a million consumers with FM radio-compatible smartphones to download the app. NextRadio President Paul Brenner said, “Our initial broadcaster partners in Canada are very excited about the value NextRadio brings to their listeners, as well as the new radio advertising platform and data NextRadio can provide their advertisers. This expansion was a natural next step as many handset makers provide the same phones in Canada, making it easier for them to turn on the FM chip for both countries at the same time.”

“With the historically high costs of cell phone and data plans, the FM chip activation allows Canadians, both urban and rural, access to the content they already listen to. It’s essential for market fairness and emergency broadcasting services to have access to radio in the palm of your hand, at any time,” said Barry Rooke, Executive Director NCRA/ANREC.


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