Borrell: Change The Way You Sell


Addressing the NJBA Thursday, Gordon Borrell made a case for redirecting your local sales focus to be more consultant than seller, noting that advertising budgets are shrinking as marketing dollars increase.

Borrell told the crowd radio’s marketing savvy can win those dollars back. “With many campaigns planned not by ad departments, but by digital and technical staff, advertisers will now use a few from traditional media to complement their digital campaigns. Radio’s experience in promotions and campaign planning can allow them to guide buyers.”

Borrell says radio has a big opportunity, bigger than most people realize, if you retool your salesforce. “They simply must be in tune with what advertisers want to buy. They don’t want radio only, they don’t want newspaper only, they don’t want television, they don’t want digital by itself. They need someone to tell them how it all fits together. Radio has an opportunity to draft a very powerful message out of radio and digital.”



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