Cromwell Stunting In Nashville


“Macarena” all the time is what listeners will hear on 93.3 in Nashville as The Cromwell Radio Group performs engineering tests for its fifth station in the market. Cromwell president Bud Walters says “This is the culmination of a 13 year project. It all began in 2003 when the FCC initiated rules to permit Metro FM signals and then later issued rules pairing them with AM stations”. Cromwell is pairing 93.3 with its WQZQ AM830 licensed to Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

The engineering tests began at noon March 25th. The 93.3 frequency was approved by the FCC in February 2016. Construction was completed this week with the antenna more than 700 feet up the WSMV Channel 4 tower. Studios are on Murfreesboro Road just south of the airport along with Cromwell’s 102.9 The BUZZ, 102.5 The GAME, 94.9 GAME2, and 102.1 The LIGHT. Cromwell also operates 23 other stations in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. “We’re proud of what we do and we try to “build up, not tear down” and be a community asset”, said Walters. “We’ll have more information about 93.3’s musical format, but for now we hope folks will ‘check in’, hear the Macarena, and set their ‘pre-set’”.


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