Media Monitors Accredited By MRC


The Board of Directors of the Media Rating Council has voted to continue accreditation of the Media Monitors radio spot data service.

Media Monitors CEO Philippe Generali said, “We have always aimed at being the most accurate and up-to-date monitoring company in the world. Accreditation of spots of less than 30 seconds in length was awarded for the first time this year and is a tribute to our dedicated staff of programmers, discovery personnel and constant feedback from our sales staff. We thank the MRC for recognizing this by granting the service continued accreditation.“

MRC CEO George Ivie stated “We congratulate Media Monitors for maintaining this important industry standard of quality for the Radio Spot Service, and for extending the scope of what MRC considered, which allowed us to accredit radio spots as brief as 15 seconds in duration for the first time.   This clearly demonstrates Media Monitors’ commitment to quality, and to adherence to the most rigorous industry measurement standards.”


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