How Radio Covered The Big Snowstorm


    Many states on the east coast are digging out of one of the biggest snowstorms in recorded history. It’s clean-up time in New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and many other cities after the weekend in which snow was coming down at 2-3 inches per hour. Through it all, radio stations up and down the dial were doing what they do in times of extreme weather…serving their community.

    Tim Scheld (2)WCBS Newsradio 880 Director of News and Programming Tim Scheld (pictured) said Radio has been a lifeline for the community these past few days. “From delivering the latest on the fast changing forecast to “on the ground” updates of the storms impact from communities across the Tri state. In addition, We carried countless live news briefings from officials like the Governors of NY, NJ and CT and NYC Mayor DeBlasio. We spoke like to county and town officials across the Tri-state.”

    We didn’t just cover the news we delivered it live as it happened. All of this as newsroom staffers navigated dangerous conditions to come in to work. We had people in place ahead of time but not without great personal sacrifice. People left their families and homes and delivered for our communities and I’m very proud of the work they did. Our work is not done. Monday is a big day for us with the first commute after the storm in the nations biggest city.

    Scheld said Radio plays a vital role in our communities everyday. “People notice in times of local emergencies and that’s ok by me. We just use these occasions to remind them that “When you need to know, We’ve got you covered”. Finally, I am always blown away by the personal sacrifice of staffers who call in on their own time, digging out their driveways, taking their kids sleigh riding, having a walk in their downtowns. WCBS is a community of professionals who take pride in the service we deliver. They all deserve a day off, but not yet.”


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