Ted Williams Is Back On The Air


You may remember Williams, who became a national star when a video of a homeless Williams went viral. It showed Williams, who has a great radio voice, panhandling in Ohio. His fame and a $400 book deal didn’t help him clean up his struggle with drugs and alcohol and he was back out on the street. WVKO in Columbus has put Williams back on the air.

WVKO GM Mel Griffin worked with Williams in the ’90s at the former Miracle 106.3 (then WCKX-FM). She told the Columbus Dispatch, “We teach and preach about giving second chances; sometimes we’re given third and fourth and fifth chances. We all have issues and problems. People are just happy to hear his voice and know he is working.” The show is called The Ted Williams Golden Voice Show and it’s the first steady job Williams has had since 1993.


  1. I am glad to see this. Hope he gets his life back on track and keeps his faith. The folks at “The River are great folks. See Christians are no so bad! Wish peeps would stop the Christian hating. Yes, I have seen radio guys with bad and inhumane thinking about him. Let God Judge, not some radio guys, who do not know Williams. God Be with you Ted, from another Christian Radio guy!


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