Musician Drops $150 Million Lawsuit on Spotify


    The suit was filed this week by David Lowery (pictured) of alternative rock band Cracker. He says Spotify “knowingly, willingly, and unlawfully reproduces and distributes copyrighted” music without a license to do so.” CNN Money reports Spotify says it plans to pay every penny” it owes to songwriters and publishers, but “unfortunately, especially in the United States, the data necessary to confirm the appropriate rightsholders is often missing, wrong, or incomplete. When rightsholders are not immediately clear, we set aside the royalties we owe until we are able to confirm their identities.”

    Lowery’s law firm Michelman & Robinson said “putting money aside to pay out royalties later is a clear indication Spotify knowingly violated copyright law. He said those have to be paid via contracts hashed out before copyrighted work is used. It’s like saying, We know we’ve taken these people’s work, we’ve never made an attempt to find them, but we know we’re playing something without the proper license. ”

    (Picture courtesy CNN Money)


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