Grabbing The Attention of Digital Natives


What media are digital natives using and what do they think of radio? That’s some of what researchers asked University of Florida students over four years. Ed Cohen, VP Measurement innovation for Nielsen (pictured) says radio stations don’t need to be everywhere on social media, but stations do need to be relevant or the class of 2015 won’t pay attention. “If it’s not funny, useful and informative, don’t bother. You’re wasting their time.”

This generation sees radio as something you listen to in the car, Cohen told attendees of the Nielsen Client Conference occurring this week in the Washington area. In a video of focus groups made of the Florida students, one participant said he’s tired of “hearing the same songs over and over.”

Many of them equate radio with Internet radio with Pandora.

So what can a broadcast station do to get their attention? Review your mobile strategy and pay attention to the data coming back from your website and Facebook page, apps and other forms of social media, he advised.


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