Pittman: Let’s Not Carried Away With Streaming



The iHeartMedia CEO told Bloomberg Business that a recent study showed that only 3% of in-car listening is to Streaming services. “So we shouldn’t get carried away. When you look at radio, radio is still about 90% of that listening and 10% is digital listening, including iHeartRadio.” Pittman says at the end of the day radio is digital. “If it (radio) were invented today, it would be in the digital category. Imagine this, no data charge and no buffering. What a marvelous frequency. The consumer doesn’t know the difference between a cellular frequency and an FM frequency.” Pittman went on to say that digital has an advantage mainly because of the way its bought and sold which was a way to help promote the upcoming launch of Katz’ new programmatic platform. Watch the video interview on Pittman on Bloomberg HERE


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