Weathering The Storm


The following reflects my observations watching the recent winter storm blow through Boston and marveling at the Greater Media Boston crew who make it all look too easy!

It’s great watching our teams snap into motion when bad weather hits like this past winter storm that hit the East Coast. Maybe it’s the frequency of occurrences that make it second nature but I really have to hand it to our business when we shine at these moments.

If we stop and think about it, there are lots of moving parts and intricacies that need swift attention when weather strikes. Talent needs accommodations in close enough proximity to studios and usually that is a pre-existing relationship with a local hotel. As soon as the PD establishes a head count, a block of rooms is then locked down for the next few days.

The traffic department, in conjunction with the production staff and sales, snap into high gear as they realize there are tight deadlines to make and that revenue must hopefully not be affected by the local conditions. This may be where the most stress churns but it’s a dance all departments have had to coordinate before.

Engineering also plays a key role, from the obvious needs of keeping us on when the weather challenges us, to the physical plant role of keeping the building in shape and accessible during a storm.

All of this comes together when our brands shine on the air as a true companion to the marketplace at a time when our engagement and companionship is vital.

It’s times like these that we should all reflect on and give the staffs an appropriate pat on the back and realize the significant role we play in our communities.



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