November 29, 2015

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B. Eric Rhoads

10/21/08: Here Lies Radio
10/20/08 Melding Media
10/15/08: How Radio Can Rescue Local Retail
10/06/08 Reach For The Stars
09/15/08 Playing The What If Game To Save Your Business
09/01/08 Career Advice For A Grad … And Everyone Else, Too
08/18/08 It's Not The Economy, Stupid
08/04/08 The e-Mail That Never Came
07/21/08 Never Say Die
07/07/08 Dear 40 Most Powerful People In Radio
06/02/08 Without Loyalty, There Is Nothing
05/19/08 Radio’s Weakest Link
05/05/08 Giver Or Taker?
04/21/08 Just Press Play
04/07/08 Bullish On Radio
03/24/08 Let’s End No-Urban And No-Hispanic Dictates
03/10/08 Growing Greatness
02/25/08 Don’t Run From Recession! (Seize The Opportunity)
02/05/08 The Burden Of Radio Management?
01/21/08 15 Years: Looking In The Rear View Mirror
01/07/08 Media Kits: The Sales Crutch That Keeps Limping Along
12/03/07 Post This In Every Sales Department In Radio
11/19/07 In Radio, Patience Really Is A Virtue
11/05/07 Are Your Salespeople Feeling The Love?
10/22/07 Local Radio Goes International?
10/08/07 My Speech: What’s Wrong With Radio
09/17/07 How To Reinvigorate Your Radio Career
09/03/07 Radio In 10 Years: Do You Really Want The Truth?
08/20/07 Community Leadership
08/06/07 The Pepsi Generation
07/23/07 Radio's Hill To Climb
07/02/07 Are You Guilty?
06/18/07 The Clear Channel Factor
06/04/07 Radio’s Missing Cry
05/21/07 Why Battle Over Crumbs?
05/07/07 Anticipating The Worst Can Be The Best Strategy
04/23/07 The Short And The Long Of It
04/09/07 My Wake-Up Call
03/19/07 Five Stars — And Then Some
03/05/07 Lessons From NASCAR
02/19/07 Don’t Pile On
02/05/07 The Grind
01/22/07 Welcome To Our Radio Town Hall Meeting
01/08/07 Is HD Ready For Prime Time?
12/04/06 Mr. Radio’s Wild Ride
11/20/06 Radio’s Obsession With Newspapers
11/02/06 Radio At 100
10/16/06 An Open Letter To RAB President/CEO Jeff Haley
10/02/06 Talk Radio: America's True Democracy
09/18/06 A Beacon Of Culture
09/04/06 Recognizing The Clues That Signal Change
08/21/06 A Message To First-Time Managers
08/07/06 Making Radio Take A Giant Leap Forward
07/24/06 Trying To Buy Radio
07/03/06 What Have You Done For Me Lately?
06/19/06 Building Unity In Hispanic Radio: The First Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference
06/05/06 A Fresh Reminder Of Old Advice
05/22/06 A World Without Commercials?
05/08/06 Radio Though The Eyes Of Hollywood
04/24/06 HD: Do It Now
04/10/06 Broadcast Angels
03/27/06 Super-Achievers
03/13/06 Radio's Spiral Dive
02/27/06 Triggers Can Be Dangerous
02/13/06 How The “Auction Culture” Will Affect Radio
01/30/06 Bringing People Together With Radio
01/09/06 How Do You Make Your Clients Money?
12/05/05 The Stern Factor
11/21/05 'Radio Guru Says Radio Does Not Work'
11/07/05 Who Should Replace Gary Fries?
10/17/05 The Pledge Of Professionals
10/03/05 Radio's Proud Heroes
09/19/05 Radio: Everywhere
09/05/05 Hidden Influences: The Real Reasons Behind Our Decisions
08/15/05 Ensure That Every Call Is Returned Every Time
08/01/05 An Exciting Proposition
07/18/05 Should Radio Walk Away From Wall Street?
07/04/05 New Power: Bring It On
06/20/05 Is Podcasting The Cable Access Of Today?
06/06/05 Lemmings
05/23/05 Turning Turkeys Into Peacocks
05/09/05 Will Radio Be Remembered?
04/25/05 Time Is Of The Essence For HD Radio
04/11/05 What You Can Do About Our Future
03/21/05 Would You Recommend Radio To Your Children?
03/07/05 Are We Living in 1920?
02/21/05 How Not to Respond to Satellite
02/07/05 Thinking Long Term
01/17/05 New Images, New Promises, Old Company
1/03/2005 Right Or Wrong, Hogan’s Got Guts
12/06/04 How To Become Radio Again
11/01/04 White Gloves And A Magic Baton
10/18/04 Have We Seen The Last Better Mousetrap?
10/04/04 The Buzz
09/20/04 What Radio Needs Now
09/06/04 Wall Street, a.k.a. Mr. Wolfe
08/23/04 Small-Town Voices
08/09/04 A Standing Ovation For Industry Leadership
07/26/04 The Danger Of A Preferred-Vendors List
07/05/04 Radio Is Adrift On Denial River
06/21/04 Don’t Wait — Go For It!
06/07/04 A Life Of Its Own
05/24/04 Get Well, Lowry!
05/10/04 How The FCC Should Determine Fines
04/26/04 Radio’s Unsung Heroes
04/12/04 Radio Got Busted
03/22/04 The Perfect Couple
03/08/04 Have You Discovered Your Purpose On Earth?
02/23/04 The Great Airwaves Debate
02/02/04 Siren Song Of Summer
01/05/04 In Search Of The World’s Rarest Car
12/08/03 Anyone Else Would Have Been Fired
11/24/03 Tattoo This Inside Your Eyelids!
11/10/03 The Rodney Dangerfield Of Media
10/27/03 Tough Questions Strengthen Radio
10/13/03 Licensing Your Brand: A Huge Opportunity
09/29/03 Is There Hope For “The Evil Empire”?
09/08/03 The Curse Of E-Mail
08/18/03 Are You Mining Fool’s Gold?
08/04/03 Are You A Con Man (Or Con Woman)?
07/21/03 Radio Needs A New Face
07/07/03 50 Years On The “40 Most Powerful” List
06/16/03 Doing The Right Thing
05/26/03 Is Internet Radio Dead?
05/12/03 A Lifetime Favor
04/28/03 Talk Radio: The Voice Of Freedom
04/14/03 Is One Company Damaging Radio In The Eyes Of Advertisers?
03/31/03 Are We Thieves, Stealing From Thieves?
03/10/03 Can Your Station Pull A Crowd?
02/17/03 Radio Metapause: The Big Change
01/20/03 Have You Been Promising Results?
01/06/03 A Kid With Big Plans Comes To Radio
12/09/02 If I’m Dreaming, Don’t Wake Me Up.
11/18/02 1.5 Billion Dollars For Radio, Starting In This Issue
11/04/02 My Labor Of Love
10/21/02 Wanna Be A Rock Star?
10/07/02 I’ve Seen The enemy — And We’re It
9/23/02 Hey, Couch Potato!
9/09/02 9/11 Recalled
8/05/02 Of Suits And Hippies
7/22/02 Is Churning Burning Radio?
7/08/02 The Triple Filter
6/24/02 Don’t Let The Bastards Win
6/10/02 I Gave Up On Women
5/27/02 Are You Still Paying Your Dues?
5/13/02 Benevolent Boss May Drop The Ball
4/22/02 Are You Too Ruthless?
4/01/02 The Accidental Broadcaster
3/18/02 Does RIAA Really Want To Waken The Sleeping Giant?
3/04/02 An Equal Opportunity Challenge
2/18/02 Are You Listening?
2/04/02 Goal 2002: Change What they're Saying About You
1/21/02 Mentoring Women: A Critical Radio Ink Initiative
1/07/02 “Get Along, Little Doggies”
12/10/01 Greatness Cannot Be Silenced
11/19/01 What Hat Will You Wear Today?
10/29/01 When Opposites Come Together
10/15/01 Dazed, Hungry And Confused
9/24/01 We Are Radio
9/10/01 Team Taz
8/27/01 On The Sidewalk Outside The First Bank Of Radio…
8/13/01 The Call You Never Want
7/09/01 40 Magazines In A Safety Deposit Box
6/18/01 The Light Bulb Over My Head
5/28/01 A Song For The Unsung Heroes
5/14/01 The ©opyright Quagmire
4/30/01 Is FCC Entering Its Biggest Battle Yet?
4/16/01 The Genie Inside The Beltway
4/2/01 The Wisdom Of Skinny
3/5/01 Taking Up The Cause
2/19/01 Patience Is More Than A Virtue
2/5/01 Satellite Radio: Is The Sky Falling?
1/22/01 Radio Wayne’s Manifesto
1/8/01 Heading For The Ultimate Radio Company
12/18/00 You’re In Good Company
11/27/00 Technology Makes My Back Hurt
11/13/00 Mirror, Mirror On The Radio
10/30/00 Dot-Com May Be Dead, But RADIO Isn't
10/16/00 Are You A Silent Movie Or A High-Tech DVD?
10/2/00 How Valuable Are You?
9/18/00 Changing The Tactics Of The Revolution
9/4/00 Emmis Equals Excellence
8/21/00 Time For Some ”Girls” In Good Ol' Boys Club
8/7/00 I Dreamed I Was Lowry Mays ...
7/24/00 He Was Always There
7/10/00 On The Sidelines Or Out Of The Game?
6/26/00 The Fable Of Ray Dio's Bad Image
6/12/00 I Hate To Say "I Told You So," But ...
5/29/00 Are Reports Of Radio's Death Exaggerated?
5/15/00 "I Tried Radio And It Didn't Work"
5/01/00 Ratings For Sale? An Open Letter To Arbitron
4/17/00 Using The Net For Public Service Programming
4/03/00 Don't Do It, Dean!
3/20/00 "No Blacks Allowed"
3/06/00 Are You Listening?
2/21/00 A Silicon Valley Second
2/07/00 Hire People With Attitude
1/24/00 Radio Executives of the Year
1/10/00 Publisher's Notes
11/22/99 Radio Isn't Being Digital
11/8/99 Pick Me Pick Me
10/25/99 Is Your Station Mister Roger's Neighborhood?
10/11/99 Has Anybody Seen My Old Friend, Radio?
9/27/99 Had a Great Time ­ Wish You¹d Been There
9/13/99 Lying Awake At Night
08/30/99 Will Politics Destroy The FCC?
08/16/99 Why A Women's Issue?
08/02/99 Radio's New 'Dirty Little Secret'
07/19/99 Is Radio Showering In The Bates Motel?
07/05/99  I Demand An Apology
06/21/99  Problem Or Opportunity?
06/07/99 The Day That Radio Changed Forever
05/24/99 Shifting Power In A Shifting Culture
05/10/99 If Not You And I, Then Who?
04/26/99 Pay-For-Play Is NOT Payola
04/12/99 The Radio Ink Internet Conference
03/29/99 Are You Y2K Ready?

11/02/06 Radio At 100

12/04/06 Mr. Radio’s Wild Ride

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