Cover Story Interviews

Who Is The Man Behind The Mask?

Oswaldo Diaz is one of the most versatile and talented entertainers in Hispanic radio today. He’s got a unique talent for impersonation, a gift for creating live, on-the-spot hilarious moments for listeners and fans, and the charisma to attract big-name celebrities and artists to his show. Radio Ink sat down with Diaz to find out more about the man behind the mask.

Meet Hip Hop’s Most Powerful Morning Show

(By Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan) Before the three-person morning team that makes up The Breakfast Club got together, they were all doing very different things. By 2013, The Breakfast Club was being syndicated by Premiere, and it’s now on more than 70 stations across the country.

Radio Is The Biggest Driver Of Our Business

(By Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan) Mike Dungan plays a big role in nurturing those relationships, and he plays a big role in moving CRS forward. Here’s our cover story interview with UMG Nashville Chairman and CEO Mike Dungan.

(1-16-2017) Radio Executive Of The Year

Although born into the family that gives the company its name, make no mistake: Caroline Beasley has earned every stripe and worked for every crack in the glass ceiling. Starting her radio career answering phones at a young age, she learned the business from bottom to top. And along the way, she has earned the respect and recognition of her peers.

(12-26-2016) They Dare To Be Different

ESPN Radio sports duo Dan Le Batard and Jon “Stugotz” Weiner tend to go their own way -- and have met with great success doing it. Radio Ink Editor in Chief Ed Ryan spoke to the guys in separate interviews to find out what they had to say about how they became a successful team and why their show is different from all the others on the radio today.

(11-16-2016) The Future Of iHeartMedia?

Darren Davis is president of iHeartRadio Worldwide. His rapid rise through the ranks of radio management is a true blueprint for success — one that includes determination, desire, and hard work. He’s always curious. He’s always ready for his next challenge. We were curious to learn more about this wunderkind.

(10-24-2016) From AE To COO

Drew Horowitz started his radio career fresh out of college, selling advertising at RKO Radio’s Oldies WFYR/Chicago. He's now the COO for Hubbard Radio. In this interview, he talks about what it takes to make that kind of climb, as well as discussing some of the most important issues in radio today.

(9-19-2016) The Cumulus Turnaround

It’s been one year since Lew Dickey was pushed out as CEO of Cumulus, a company he founded in 1997. That also means it’s been one year since Mary Berner took over. What’s changed?

(8-22-2016) NextRadio On Every Smartphone?

Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan says that what Paul Brenner has done is remarkable. “After building the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium from the ground up, he assembled the team that has developed NextRadio, and I believe it is radio’s best hope for our future. Paul is not only a brilliant technologist, but a terrific leader and partner who is making a difference in the lives of every broadcaster. I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

(6-20-2016) Living The American Dream

Jinny Laderer has always been around radio. In addition to being a coach in the NFL, her dad was a radio station owner. Radio paid the bills. Jinny’s first husband (she married at 21) was a radio station manager. With a family of her own, Jinny decided to work from home so she could spend quality time with her four children, and she became a Mary Kay consultant. When her youngest entered preschool, she was ready to get back to radio. Today Jinny Laderer is Living The American Dream. Here is her story.