November 30, 2015

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Radio Ink Columnists And Writers

Daniel Anstandig
Daniel Anstandig is president of McVay New Media consulting. He can be reached at 440-892-1910 or via e-mail at dan@daer.com.
Chuck Blore
Chuck Blore is president of the Chuck Blore Company. He can be reached at 323-462-0944.
Steve Clark
Steve Clark is the founder and CEO of New School Selling. He can be reached at 800-250-3146 or via e-mail at sclark@newschoolselling.com.
Bob Davis
Bob Davis is the owner and founder of Sell Thru Marketing, Inc. and creator of the Sell Thru System. He can be reached at 757-722-9170.
Rick Dearborn
Rick Dearborn helps organizations develop new business with integrated digital media. He can be reached at 314-616-8437.
Wayne Ens
Wayne Ens is president of ENS Media Inc. and a principal with Noll & Associates. He can be reached at 705-484-9993 or wayne@wensmedia.com.
Bob Epstein
Bob Epstein is a retired advertising agency head who is now a consultant and owner of Epstar. He can be reached at 1-800-245-0699.
Dave Gifford
Dave Gifford is president of Dave Gifford International and founder of The Graduate School For Sales Management. He can be reached at 505-989-7007.
Laurie Kahn
Laurie Kahn is founder and president of Media Staffing Network. She can be reached at 312-944-9194.
John King
John Wells King is an owner of Garvey, Schubert & Barer in Washington, DC, and counsel to Radio Ink. Call him at 202-965-7880.
Julie Lomax-Brauff
Julie Lomax-Brauff is the owner and CEO of Breakthrough Marketing Inc. She can be reached at 425-747-0647.
Sean Luce
Sean Luce is head national instructor for the Luce Performance Group. He can be reached at 281-496-6340, www.luceperformancegroup.com.
Chris Lytle
Chris Lytle is author of The Accidental Salesperson and the creator of MAX, the web-based, on-the-job sales training system. Call him at 800-255-9853.
Mike McVay
Mike McVay is founder and president of McVay Media, a full-service radio consultancy. He can be reached at 440-892-1910.
Gregg Murray
Gregg Murray is president of Radio Sales Blog, as well as Sales Imaging -- developers for the Radio Sales Machine: Supersales Website + eBlaster. He can be reached at www.salesimaging.com and www.radiosalesblog.com.

Denise Oliver
Denise Oliver consults media companies with an interest in radio, and is a past chairperson of the NAB's Resource development Center. Contact her at doliver@power.net.
Dick Orkin
NAB Hall of Famer Dick Orkin, co-founder of the Radio Ranch in Hollwood, CA, produces award-winning radio advertising campaigns. He can be reached at 818-465-0150.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid is president of Strategic Media Sales. He can be reached at 616-974-4190 or strategicmedia@msn.com.
Steve Rivers
Steve Rivers is president/CEO of Steve Rivers' POWER Media Inc. in Bellevue, WA. He can be reached at 425-373-5603.
Walter Sabo
Walter Sabo is CEO of Sabo Media and can be reached at 212-681-8181.
Rosemary Scott
Rosemary Scott is a freelance journalist and VP/Research & Corporate Communications at Border Media Partners. She may be reached at 210-654-5155.
Steven J. Steinberg
Steven J. Steinberg is creative services director for Nassau Broadcasting Partners in Portland, ME. He can be reached at 207-272-5595, or e-mail him at ssteinberg@nassaubroadcasting.com.
Jim Taszarek
Jim Taszarek is president of TazMedia, a sales and training consulting company. He can be reached at 480-970-4200.
Paul Weyland
Paul Weyland is a speaker, author, and trainer. He can be reached at www.paulweyland.com or by phone at 512-236-1222.
Roy Williams
Roy H. Williams is president of Wizard of Ads, Inc. Call him at 800-425-4769.
Tom Zarecki
Tom Zarecki does marketing and PR for Jetcast radio streaming in New York. He spent 14 years marketing for RCS and Media Monitors following decades on-air and consulting radio nationwide. Contact him at 914-548-4948, tomz@jetcast.com.

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