Alexa: Federated Media is Very Cool

It's the wave of the future. Devices such as Amazon's Echo and Google's Home are all the craze these days. Give the device a command, such as asking for the local weather, ordering a pizza or play your favorite music and the device talks back to you and executes your command. Federated Media, always on the cutting edge, understands how important it is for its radio stations to be on these popular devices

Can Hispanic Radio Change The Course Of History?

Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference has assembled a dynamic group of agency executives and the industry’s best managers and sellers to discuss new strategies and platforms that will please both listeners and buyers. Industry leaders and economists who will give their spin on the economic outlook and potential growth.

Getting The Ladies In The Mix

(By Bob McCurdy) There were two important studies published the past several weeks that are worth further comment. The first study, conducted by Alan Burns and Associates titled, “What Women Want 2017,” involved 2,000 15-54-year-old AC and CHR female listeners. Burns has been a well-respected and successful programming consultant for decades.

11 Clever Ways To Promote Your Podcast

(By Gary Begin) If you're used to sharing text and video, the world of podcasting can seem like a planet of its own, especially when it comes time to promoting a new show. Don't just wait for your target audience to find it through the search engines. You can't rely on podcast directories either
Ron Robinson - Radio

Content May Be Secondary

(By Ronald Robinson) Because I have noticed how only some attention has been paid to a phenomenon of radio of which I have been aware for decades, I offer it up again – as a bonus that can be an extra asset to radio reps. Radio, lucky for all concerned, is considered a “passive” medium.

Eastlan Scores Four More Markets

Four markets will receive their inaugural audience estimates from Eastlan Ratings this Spring. Those markets are Beckley WV, Bluefield WV, Cedar City UT and Marion VA. Eastlan is also returning to Wenatchee WA.

More Deregulation = More Degradation

(By Ken Dardis) In 2013 Larry Rosin, President of Edison Research, said: "It’s not that long ago, when there was a Code of Omerta in the radio industry, where if you point out a problem, you are the problem." I was a problem for almost twenty years prior to retiring in 2014. Before that, nearly 30 years were spent working with knowledgeable broadcasters.

An Argument To Scrap PPM and Return To The Diary

(By K.M. Richards) As we all know by now, the latest Nielsen PPM fiasco turns out to be a single family with multiple meters which were exposed long-term to an online stream. And Nielsen's "fix" is to remove that household from the process. I do not believe that's going to restore the growing suspicions by the radio industry that PPM is not an accurate method of determining the listenership numbers.

Why Is LBI Running This Campaign?

This week, Spanish-language broadcaster LBI Media launched a community affairs campaign called "We Are One With You" to address the Latino community’s concern over immigration issues. With Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference set to begin March 28 in Fort Lauderdale, we wanted to know exactly why LBI launched this campaign.

Cumulus Reports. Let’s Start With The Good News

Revenue at Cumulus' radio stations was up 1.6% in Q4 of 2016. Cumulus radio stations took in $209.8 million in revenue in Q4, compared to $206.5 million a year earlier. That increase was driven by political, digital, and national spot revenue.

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