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(12/17/2013 6:00:41 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Wait...Plaz makes it in Nashville but not The 3HL (Brent Dougherty, Clay Travis, and Blaine Bishop) on WGFX doesn't? I find that very hard to believe.
- Amp
(12/17/2013 5:48:35 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"Where are the women?" Really? I guess there are in the same place with all the male WNBA players.
- Lloyd
(12/17/2013 3:15:16 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Was this list based on ratings alone? It must have been, you can tell the writers never actually listened to the guy in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I have to sometimes.
- Bob
(12/17/2013 1:29:08 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
How was this list compiled?
- sturge
(12/17/2013 12:02:42 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I guess you're right .
Back to Donovan Lewis ..
Do you think his ticket career ends with the cowboys season because his contract is up ? Does he really accept 3/5th the amount a board makes ? Why does he drive that red BMW ? Is he trying to fit in with the community ? Do you think the fact he can't procreate us proof their is a god ?

- The ghost of Marcus' criminal Record
(12/17/2013 11:42:14 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Marcus' criminal Record, Todd Keith,Thomas Charles, Dave Mino, or whoever else you'll be next after this you have serious mental issues dude. Get help. You aren't well and aren't smart either.

You ask the same question on every message board, 'Are you white?'. You are one truly disturbed mental midget.

- Marcus
(12/17/2013 11:28:53 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
No women?? Where are the women?
- Alison Moran

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