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I spent 32 years total in education with 20 of that coaching high school sports. Listing to the debate over paying college athletes is amazing!!!! Of course the focus is on paying college football players as though they are employees of the school.

There is a major problem with this concept of $paying football players to play$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have to pay everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just the players but everyone evolved with the program! Another big problem is the simple fact that college football players or no better than any other athletes in all the other programs at the college. You will have to pay the cheerleaders, girl softball, basketball players, baseball players, soccer players, tennis players, volleyball players, track and field athletes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you pay money to one group of athletes by law you will have to pay them all………………… and more!!!!

Don’t forget the math team, the rifle team and the Marching Band!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet that they will have to be paid also!!!!

¸.• ´¸.•* ¸.•*¨)
(¸.´ (¸. •' '-* * Fred

Lake View, Al

- Fred

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