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TRN CEO Mark Masters Denies

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(10/13/2013 7:13:20 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
re: Mark Masters

When greed overtakes common sense, and ego overtakes what is good for the company, and when the employees, whether talent or admin/production are no longer THE COMPANY = THEN KARMA IS A BITCH! He needs his clock cleaned, although I truly do not believe he can LEARN A LESSON! So sad!

- Madame X
(10/12/2013 3:25:27 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The man has ruined many hosts... anyone remember Mancow? He is lost in his own neurotic mind. I bet he is or was in breach with all of his hosts at one time or another. The man is an open sore on Radio's already fading skin.
- Art
(10/12/2013 2:09:12 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Mark Masters is in breach of contract with a number of hosts -- specifically for not PAYING the hosts. He cannot hold Tantaros to a contract he himself has breached. Masters saw this coming and chose to do nothing about it and then ripped the rug out from under very the people who believed in him and were loyal to him. For shame.
- StarvingRadioArtist
(10/11/2013 11:45:31 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Never trust a man who wears an Israel flag tie.
(10/11/2013 12:37:31 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The only thing Mark knows how to do is deny and blame others. Perhaps it's time to grow up and take responsibility Mr. Masters.
- Joe

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