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"Voicetracking Is Dead. It's A Waste."

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(9/20/2013 1:59:57 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Mike's comments reflect an underlying belief/hope that "local" is the panacea for all that ails radio. It ain't.
A well-trained jock can relate to the HUMANITY in an audience while learning some of the local distinctions.
Just because some local guy knows where the submarine races were held in this or that town back in the day is no assurance of audience acceptance.
Familiarity with the tunes is nice, too, but it's not the "killer" element.
As I say, it won't be that easy.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(9/20/2013 12:33:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
That's the battle I have fought for years...but with the Megacorps pushing their "one size fit all" programing dogma...just to save a few bucks...they're killing the businesses they spend so much to buy into... A jock from Ohio can't really relate to Californians ...put a jock in who can emit fun, energy and talent into a real 4 hour show...listeners want to relate to a real, live "dj"!!! Dump PD's who can't do their job without PPM! KNOW YOUR MUSIC!
- Mike Mesmer
(9/20/2013 12:08:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Who could argue with a V-Twin banger like Harley Davidson...?
Indeed, V/T'ing isn't the problem. It's the symptom!
The problems begin when stations take untrained, inexperienced, unsophisticated, work-for-a-dollar-a-holler taent and throw them on the air - calling that dog's breakfast "live and local".
To the folks in management and ownership: There is no quick and easy fix to this issue. Please appreciate that. You guys went down to the crossroads and made your deal. Now, the devil will have

- Ronald T. Robinson
(9/20/2013 10:13:51 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
You are obviously correct in your statement, but everyone knows that.

Now what?

- Reel Time
(9/20/2013 10:08:21 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Why don't they get it? Because they don't want to. The bigs took on too much debt & cannot service the debt in the current business model - so they feel they have to change the business model because they were greedy in the first place when they all went to the "all you can eat" buffet and bought everything in sight at multiples that never made sense. Their screw-up, our pain.
- Iconoclast
(9/20/2013 10:06:23 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I'm not sure "voicetracking" is the real problem. I think content and execution by the air personality is the issue here. There are few who offer more than "that was" and "this is", which makes for boring radio, even if its live.
- Harley Davidson
(9/20/2013 10:03:20 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Let's start INVESTING in our product instead of constantly cutting back. The listeners are there, they just need a reason to listen! Build value and then you will be able to charge more for commercials because you will have more listeners! It's very simple. Big radio companies continue to cut radio's throat. The cutbacks to increase the bottom line will soon have radio stations with the same sized staff as some kid running his internet station in his parents basement. We get it, why don't they?
- Reel Time

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