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Clear Channel Launches "IHeartRadio Talk"

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Yet another big co discovers podcasting. Why do they call it "talk" suggesting it is, i dunno talk radio? Users will be disappointed because all the names they're familiar with aren't there. Http:// is a more complete option.

- Julian Smith
(7/24/2013 10:20:07 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
One must be impressed with Clear Channel's continued development of their iHeart service - even if they are copying other players. First it was Pandora, then Songza & now Stitcher. Stitcher's competitive landscape really changed today.

What is curious is that they call it "Talk" when it is not like talk radio AM listeners use. All the big talk names like Rush, Beck, Rome, Ramsey are missing. It's really about podcasts which they're reframing as talk radio. There is some overlap but not much.

- MR

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