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Who Is Paul Caine?

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yGemQf Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.
- NY
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9aeSy9 I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Much thanks again. Cool.
- NY
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UsA0Qm Looking forward to reading more. Great article. Cool.
- NY
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In late August 2013, reports indicate that he was perfect for Dial Global. He just steered them to a merger, erasing all debt while also and providing $45 million equity.
- Sora
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The Caine hire surprises me. No disrespect to him, but he grew up in sales, yet this company needs a turnaround guru. Dial needs someone who will manage to the bottom line, not just the top line. I note the following:

-- Even after its proposed recapitalization (that has a target close in April), the company has huge debt levels (I estimate about $170 million, post recap). That sum is still too high for a company with no real assets (Dial does not own radio stations, etc.).

-- Growing revenue will be part of the solution (presumably Caine's strength, as a former CRO at Time). But someone needs to do a mathematical review of each of Dial's lines of business, and immediately cut those that do not generate positive cash flow. For too long the company has merely chased "sizzle and PR" rather than profitablity (shoot, look at the press release: you would think the CEO transition was a "victory" and all is really good; they just fired their three CEOs in the past 60 days).

-- To service debt, Dial cannot "grow its way out of its problems." It will have to make some hard, cash-flow-based decisions, something the three CEOs were not willing or able to do.

- Sarah Thomas

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