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Despite Complaints About Streaming Costs, Artists Still Getting Very Little

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(1/29/2013 7:39:50 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Having read some of the comments, it seems some readers do not understand the difference between market capitalization and profit and loss. What is Pandora's market cap - somewhere around $2 billion. On the other hand annual revenues of around $300 million carry a performance fee of close to 60%. Add to that administrative fees, engineering expenses, etc. and there is no manner in which the company can make a profit. And some of readers think that Pandora should pay higher fees. Study accounting
- Bob Fox
(1/29/2013 10:16:12 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
@Robbie is correct i can tell you for a fact small market radio jobs WILL be lost. people like lanny simply don't care. just how much more money do artists need at the expense of working folks while they fly around on private airplanes doing cocaine lanny?
- TurnAboutIsFairPlay
(1/29/2013 10:02:21 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It's time for a tough negotiator to step up for radio. It's the radio stations that should be receiving money for the advertising and promotion of the music. Yes, it's radio that made those artists and songwriters. Believe in radio or get another career.
- John
(1/29/2013 9:21:29 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I laugh that this article says ZERO about Google/YouTube's catastrophic copyright infringement with the use of Mozilla Firefox'x VideoDownloadHelper to download every YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo, DailyMotion, ETC. files of both video and audio (with a background of a picture) from these sites behind all artists' and record company's backs (along with a Terms of Use that state it can be done), and then Google/YouTube lie in the Viacom case asserting no downloads take place.

Any complaints now artists?

- Ed Straker
(1/29/2013 7:53:39 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Really Lanny? You also have starving midday jocks in smaller markets, and I guarantee they'll get cut before any increased royalties radio is forced to pay hit the bottom line.
- Robbie
(1/29/2013 7:50:29 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Certainly Radio needs to pay more. I remember Payola a few years back where Radio was illegally paying the record companies to ship it product. It really showed that radio was desperate and has no value to the artist or the labels. I mean, why go to illegal methods to get music if you have value? And those gold records radio send the labels? Why, they aren't even gold!
- Realist
(1/29/2013 7:50:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
And again, Mr. Borchetta, who helped kick off Taylor Swift's Red CD? TV, billboards, newspaper? - oh, that's right, Radio.

- Brett Johnson

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