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Cristiano ronaldo: life is not only a golden globe, more looking forward to the team championship
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In the interview, today released the first part, cristiano ronaldo reviews the achievements in his national team, as the Portuguese national team captain, 27 has joined more than 100 field international competition, only figo and figo and fernando couto can be compared with it.
"When conclusion announced, likely to be very happy, also may be

- wfsuhby
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Every body: abidal February first half return will receive medical license
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The daily dello sport reported that Barcelona player abidal is received can return medical license. Abidal of the surgeon Garcia Valdecasas confirmed that abidal will on February first half get medical license, the doctor says: "abidal hoping to play, now only depends on Barcelona view, rather than health. Abidal attitude is the key to his recovery, he

- Gugsnn

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