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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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Gone Country. Can Country Music Survive in New York City?

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(1/22/2013 12:16:30 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I sense some sarcasm!?
- chris
(1/22/2013 11:39:28 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Cumulus can't make everything work. Come on.

For example the CSOS sales system in San Francisco. Just sayin'

- Drake E
(1/22/2013 9:42:57 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Most radio market listeners are starved for acoustic music. Some country formats are mostly acoustic and are welcomed regardless of lyrics.

Ironically I note WXRP's web stream is highly compressed and in your face. I don't believe that over processed audio is appropriate. Something more open and friendly but with a solid bottom is what I think will appeal the most to those looking for an alternative on the dial and especially on a web stream.

- Ira Wilner
(1/22/2013 8:19:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Can Cumulus make it work? They can make anything work, why should this be any different?

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